Launched in Paris from the
U.N. Climate Change Conference


Earth World Solutions

Earth World Solutions invites the world to unite and make changes for the preservation of life on this planet. Formed by an international media specialist team, our purpose is to create a space for the Global Community to connect people from all over the world. Our mission is to come together and find ways to create sustainability:

Through sharp and mindful communication, Earth World Solutions is a place where everyone can put their good intentions into action through sharing and educating each other. We encourage everyone, everywhere, to share your local solutions, problems, and when possible to join forces on a local, national, or international issue.

Everyone wants to protect the planet and their families from the eco threat of super high temperatures, drought, massive flooding, increasingly dangerous weather, and the biggest wildfires ever seen around the world. The balance has been disrupted.

There are billions of environmentalists on this planet. This website is designed to help unite and link them together to team up and make a difference. This is the first environmental social network.    Read More


Mission Statement

Care to Share Your Solutions with the World.

Inspire, educate, and share with the world local and global solutions
to Eco Challenges.